WWF Eurythenes Plasticus

Eurythenes Plasticus is a newly discovered species, the first in history that has been named after the ocean plastic that contaminates it. Although it lives far away and at great depths, microplastics were already detected in the body of the amphipod when it was discovered.

Together with BBDO Germany, we helped to create a global campaign for the WWF to support their efforts to combat plastic pollution of our oceans.

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Client: WWF Germany
Campaigns: Hanna Eberhard
Marketing Manager: Theresa Reis
Scientific Supervision: University of Newcastle, Dr. Alan Jamieson, Johanna Weston

Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf
Creative Managing Director: Kristoffer Heilemann
Exec. Creative Director: Andy Wyeth
Art Direction: Bernd Rose, Marco Serra, Rosario Brancato
Copywriter: Christian Korntheuer, Marcos Alves
Technical Development: Martin Böing-Messing
Account: Kat Wyeth
Planning: Benjamin Pleissner, Kyle Duckitt
Chief Production Officer: Steffen Gentis

Production Company: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Producer: Stephanie Hülsmann
Co-Director, Lead 3D: Juan Pablo Brockhaus
3D Artists: Sebastian Brandhuber, Thure Koch, Heinrich Löwe, Jonas Röber, Tobias Sprengart, Lucas Wendler, Timo v. Wittken, Max Zachner
Compositing: Florian Zachau
Music: Alex Komlew

Case Film: BBDO CraftWork
Audio Production: Studio Funk, Düsseldorf


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