Vorwerk Stadt der Milben

Bright Mites, Big City - this futuristic animation film by director Mate Steinforth illustrates the development and destruction of a mite population in only 60 seconds. Enough time for cameos of Hello Kitty bobby pins, bright red lollipops, and - Tadah!! - the Vorwerk mite blaster Tiger VT265.

And for those who skipped their German classes: "Stadt der Milben" means "Mite City" and "Mehr Saugkraft, weniger Mitbewohner" reads "More vacuum power. Fewer roommates"!

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Client: Vorwerk & Co. KG, Wuppertal
Head of Marketing Vorwerk Kobold: Felix Withöft

Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg
Creatives: Thomas Knüwer, Dennis Krumbe, Stefan Wübbe
Producer: Bey-Bey Chen
Account: Jan Kowalsky, Jessica Gustafsson

Production Company: Sehsucht, Berlin
Director: Mate Steinforth
Design: Mate Steinforth, Christian Zschunke, Ronny Schmidt, Jonas Littke
3D Lead: Hannes Weikert
3D Artists: Christian Zschunke, Ronny Schmidt, Philipp Brömme, Helge Kiehl, Chris Hoffmann, Philipp Rudler
Compositing: Sebastian Nozon, Christina Agapitou
Producer: Christian Jacks

Music: Supreme Music, Hamburg
Audio-Mix: Studio Funk, Hamburg

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