Volkswagen Letters

The drive is relaxed. The car runs smooth. A message comes in. You take the phone and type those few little letters. Small clusters of pixels. Weightless. Insignificant. How could they ever do any harm?

Whether on a highway, or in the city, in a backstreet, a car park or anywhere else - a few letters are enough. Together with DDB and Volkswagen, we are waiting for the day when it's no longer necessary to say: "Please don't text and drive!“






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Client: Volkswagen

Agency: DDB Group
Executive Creative Direction: Eric Schoeffler (CCO), Sven Klohk
Creative Director: Paul Carrera
Art Director: Paul Carrera
Text: Juarez Rodrigues
Project Manager: Joshua Bunge

Production Company: Sehsucht
Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Producer: Gianna Johnke, Stephan Reinsch
DOP: Leon Hüppauff
Art Department: Carol Gruner
Precision Drivers: Florian "Merser-Boy" Zachau, Stephan "The Laser" Reinsch
Compositing & Grading: Yacoob Essack, Florian Zachau

Sound Design: Audionerve / Jochen Mader

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