Skoda Glass Harp

Yes, the bearded guy really charms these amazing sounds out of glasses (we used 597 schott zwiesel crystal ones, by the way). No, we didn’t find him on “czechia’s got talent”. Yes, Petr Spatina is an outstanding musician. So what exactly makes you wonder why we got him for Skoda superb?

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Agency: Leagas Delaney, Hamburg
Creative Director: Willy Kaussen, Oliver Grandt, Hermann Waterkamp
Writer/Art Director: Jan Wiendieck, Melanie Mertens
Tv Dept.: Barbara Meier, Patrick Plogstedt

Production: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Producer: Jan Tiller, Stephan Reinsch
Director: Ole Peters
Co-Direction / Compositing: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
DOP: Holger Diener
3D: Timo von Wittken, Maurice Panisch

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