Rama Helping Hands

Precious little Rama Girl is doing it again! In this year's episode we take our beloved sweetheart out of the fridge to set her loose on a whole new world. With the grace of a ballerina and the courage of a lion she runs, jumps and climbs her way through the kitchen which seems like an adventurous playground with lots if delicious challenges. Secretly refining every dish she literally becomes the helping hand for the family.

Thanks to Ogilvy and Unilever for daring to break with the dusty rules of food advertising and letting us be the helping hand to bring this genre to a new conceptual level.


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Client: Unilever

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising GmbH
Producer: Tanja Frohwerk (Frankfurt a.M.)

Creation: Bettina Biermann (Düsseldorf)

Account Management: Simone Schröder (Düsseldorf)

Production: Sehsucht GmbH
Directors: Martin Haerlin, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss

DOP: Holger Diener

Producer: Stephan Reinsch, Gianna Johnke
Animation Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Design Department: Anja von Harsdorf, Axel Brötje

Set Supervisor: Daniel Jahnel

Animation: Frank Spalteholz, Nadja Klews
3D Lead: Daniel Jahnel

3D: Alexander Siquans, Florian Breeg, Jannes Kreyenberg
Technical Director: Martin Chatterjee
Compositing: Florian Zachau, Markus Gratl

Edit: Annett Kiener

Grading: Andreas Teichert, Florian Zachau

Animation Director

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Love in the fridge


Love in the fridge


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