Rama Chef's Trick

Yellow girl working Black Ops: In this episode we’re sending our little Rama Girl on a secret mission into the sizzling and boiling heat of a professional kitchen to reveal it's chefs tricks. Sneaking, jumping and spying, she accomplishes her secret assignment with accustomed lightness, and - once again - is refining the taste of meat for everybody.

The mission commanders of Unilever and Lowe@Alfred superbly supported our project corps making this covert operation smooth as ever.

director's cut

vader's trick


Client: Unilever

Brand Development Director: Guido Hagenaars
Senior Brand Development Manager: Susan Houben

Agency: Lowe@Alfred, Amsterdam
Senior Art Director: Jan Willem Smits
Senior Copy Writer: Maxim van Rijs
Producer: Marcel Ossendrijver
Brand Director: Annelotte Pera

Production: Sehsucht GmbH

Directors: Martin Haerlin, Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
DOP: Holger Diener
Producer: Stephan Reinsch, Gianna Johnke

Animation Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Set Supervisor: Daniel Jahnel
Design Department: Axel Brötje

Animation: Lucas Wendler
3D Lead: Alexander Siquans
Compositing: Yacoob Essack

Edit: Annett Kiener

Grading: Andreas Piecha

Animation Director

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Helping Hands


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