penny fine day

Join German Queen of Pop, Nena, on a little stroll through our latest fully organic fairy tale. Full of lovely details and charming micro stories hidden in each and every scene, you could easily play a little real-life version of Where’s Waldo along the way. Who’s in?

Together with Serviceplan and Tony Petersen Film we made sure that it’s going to be a fine day.

penny fine day (master cut)


Client: Penny

Agency: Serviceplan

Production: Tony Petersen Film
Producer: Volker Steinmetz
Director: Martin Aamund

Post-Production Studio: Sehsucht
Post-Producer: Sarah Neuner, Andreas Rothenaicher
VFX Director: Florian Dehmel
3D Artists: Sven Rabe, Thabo Mlangeni, Philip Schlagenhauff, Jan Hofmann, Oliver Metz, Sebastian Brandhuber, Sarah Specht, Karim Eich
Compositing: Florian Dehmel, Felix Laser, Felix Wolters, Johannes Mueller, Gregor Hoess, Christian Stanzl, Sylvi Rüfller, Zarko Kitanovic, Johannes Retter
Matte Painting: Christian Kesle

Match Move: Parallaxman

Rotoscoping: Gelarograce

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