Mykita A Million Changing Views

Berlin-based award-winning glasses company MYKITA took their boundary-breaking ethos to a whole new level with their parametrically-designed MY VERY OWN collection. A collaboration with Swedish 3D-body-modeling company Volumental, the MVO label’s custom frames are made using 3D scans and algorithms that calculate a design that adapts perfectly to your face.

To match this new level of bespoke-magic eyewear, we worked alongside director Stephan Wever to create a piece of visual “Slow Food“—the distilled essence in images of sensual, custom-made quality.  

production process


Client: MYKITA GmbH
Technical Project & Design Consultant: Julian Gerau
Director: Stephan Wever
Production: Stink GmbH, Berlin
Producer: Isabel Kast, Corinne Ahrens
DOP: Cezary Zacharewicz
Post Production: Sehsucht GmbH
Producer: Jan Tiller, Christiane Mülstegen
3D Lead: Daniel Jahnel
3D: Rafael Vicente, Jannes Kreyenberg
FX TD: Heinrich Löwe
Compositing: Florian Zachau
Grading: Florian Zachau
Music & Music Publisher: Meik de Swaan, Musicmusic Amsterdam