MTV Close & Caring

Furry monsters cuddling, welcoming the viewer to a brand new series of MTV idents. “Close & Caring“ conveys a look and feel that equals the warmth and feeling of a hug, as simple as holding hands or sinking under your duvet.

We created the cute little beasts, developed the story concept, built the vignettes, covered the overall production and post-production and created the print templates.

creative process

character design


Client: MTV World Design Studio, Milan
Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti
Associate Creative Director: Anna Caregnato
Art Director: Carlos Carrasco
Inhouse Producer: Cristina Mazzocca

Production Company: Sehsucht, Berlin
Director: Mate Steinforth
Design: Mate Steinforth , Helge Kiehl
3D: Philipp Broemme, Hannes Weikert
Animation: Matthias Knappe, Vitaly Grossmann, Philipp Broemme
Matte Painting: Julius Brockelmann
Compositing: Helge Kiehl
Producer: Julia Rudloff, Christian Gemeiner

Music: Alan Boorman


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