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Mazda Heightened Senses

Enter a mysterious night world and experience the heightened senses of species which have to survive under hard conditions, thus having evolutionally developed an extreme sharpness of senses. Using their skills to enhance the human driver's abilities to control all danger sources he may encounter on the road, this Sehsucht production highlights the wide range of MAZDA's i-Activsense safety technologies.

The car makes its way through mystic, sometimes dreamy surroundings and gradually seems to absorb the wild creatures' special abilities which accompany the driver on his way, finally embodying the perfect fusion of the qualities provided by these animals’ extreme senses.

Concept Art

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Client: Mazda Worldwide, Japan

Agency: Team Cosmo, Duesseldorf
Creative Director: Eddy Greenwood
Creatives: Richard Taylor, Tim Greven, Stan Gruel, Laura Cuenca Fernandez, Danyel Kassner
Agency Producer: Tim Greven
Account: Thorsten Meyer

Production: Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg
Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Producer: Selina Schmitt
Visual Concept: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Editor: Stephan Wever
Lead Design: Adrian Lawrence
Concept Art: Julius Brockelmann, Anja von Harsdorf, Dan Blomberg
Matte Painting: Julius Brockelmann, Christoph Unger, Wieger Poutsma
Storyboard Artist: Anja v. Harsdorf
Technical Director: Martin Chatterjee
Lead 3D: Daniel Jahnel
3D Artists: Sebastian Welti, Alexander Siquans, Maurice Panisch, Vitaly Grossmann, Hannes Geiger, Christian Keller, Jakob Schulze-Rohr, Eva Kühlmann
Lead Compositing: Yacoob Essack
Compositing/ 2D Artists: Alexander von der Lippe, Markus Gratl, Bea Wellenbrock, Stefan Ihringer, Jona Maluck

Music: Hecq Audio (Ben Lukas Boysen), Berlin


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