Black Poem

Fire has come to take its poetic justice. Theatrically staged as a spectacle of flickering fares and luminous lines of staff, the fire crawls, dances, jumps and flies through pure black emptiness. Accompanied by lyrical narration and an orchestral maelstrom, the tension continuously builds up until it boosts into a dramaturgical inferno. Fire has never been so mystically captivating on screen.


Client: Konzerthaus Dortmund-Philharmonie für Westfalen
Agency: Jung von Matt Werbeagentur GmbH
Production Company: SEHSUCHT GmbH
Director: Niko Tziopanos
Animation and Compositing: Niko Tziopanos, Alexander Heyer,
Martin Hess, Alexander Hanowski, Tom Abel
Rotoscoping: Daniel Hummer, Alexander Saum
Producer: Kristina Neurohr
Music: Fazil Say
Recorded at: Hastings Hamburg + Düsseldorf
Voiceover Artist: Dieter Brandecker

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