innogames forge of empires

Prove yourself as a peaceful ruler or an evil emperor.

In our latest instalment of the trailer for Innogame’s Forge of Empires, the popular online strategy game, you follow the settlers through the ages of history, as they build their empire and conquer the world.

forge of empires game trailer


Client: InnoGames GmbH
Project Manager Marketing & Corporate Design: Maike Monath
Senior Communication Designer: Lennart Lübcke

Production Studio: Sehsucht
Producing: Irina Otto
Creative Lead: Torben Dirksmeyer
Artwork: Jeremias Drave
3D Lead: Torben Dirksmeyer
3D Artists: Felix Graf, Lucas Wendler, Julia Fritsch, Matthias Thomann, Tobias Sprengart, Bardia Afchar, Sebastian Rätsch, Florian Stucki, Jonas Röber, Matteo Forghieri
Compositing Lead: Florian Dehmel
Compositing: Zarko Kitanovich, Johannes Retter

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