Immonet Polygraph

“What you’ve got in your head, we’ve got on the web" 

Online property portal Immonet assumes that every house hunter has an exact idea of what makes a perfect home. So, when polygraphed at the doctor's, the protagonist's brain waves don't show the usual curves but sketch a nice blue family home. Ole Peters directed the TV and online spot.



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Agency: Freunde des Hauses, Hamburg
CD Text: Raphael Hermann
CD Art: Boris Schmarbeck
Account: Kim Maaß
Producer: Ise Seidl

Produktion: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Ole Peters
DoP: Julian Hohndorf
Producer: Jan Tiller, Mark Rosenfeld
Design: Julius Brockelmann, Axel Brötje, Anja von Harsdorf
3D Artists: Hannes Geiger, Jörn Engelke, Martin Sächsinger
Color Grading: André Froehlin
Editor: Christoph Senn
Compositing: Christian Heyde, Thomas Schindler, Yacoob Essack

Music: „There’s a town, there’s a street“ Michaela Kay & Hauke Kliem, die Tonpiloten
Mix: Tonhaus

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