Google+ Bundestagswahl

Hangout with our humorous characters, illustrating the upsides of political interaction. The hashtag following our scenes throughout, Germany‘s parliamentary election (Bundestagswahl 2013) is the center of all dialogues.

Together with the agency Kolle Rebbe, we dive into a witty discussion for Google Plus. Combining three animation shorts, we follow our characters through everyday situations. Each setting resolves in a funny scene, bringing different topics to life.


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Client: Google
Marketing Director: Barbara Daliri Freyduni

Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Client Consultant: Florian Völlmecke
Executive Creative Direction: Stefan Wübbe
Creative Direction: Thomas Knüwer, Oliver Ramm
Art Direction: Thomas Knüwer, Sabrina Patzeck, Stephan Lorse
Idea: Thomas Knüwer, Oliver Ramm
Text: Frederik Österlin
Graphics & Illustration: Stephan Lorse
Agency Producers: Alexander Schillinsky, Nina Offermann

Production Company: Sehsucht Berlin
Directors: Mate Steinforth, Helge Kiehl
2D Artists: Helge Kiehl, Conrad Ostwald
Character Animation: Robert Löbel, Florian Panzer, Adrian Walt, David Weidemann
Producers: Christina Geller, Lars Wagner

Music: Supreme Music

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