Energie Schweiz Erneuerbar heizen

Energie Schweiz Erneuerbar heizen

Global warming is a serious threat to our local animals and raising awareness for this topic is a matter of the heart for us. Comissioned by the swiss ministry of energy we produced this film from tip to tail. Starting with a two day live action shoot in the swiss mountains and ending with animating 4 full cgi animals! Heat your home with local renewable energy and help us preserve these animal's habitat!


Client: Bundesamt für Energie (BFE)
Agency: CR Kommunikation AG

Production Studio: Sehsucht München GmbH
Director: Henry Littlechild
DoP: Pascal Walder

Executive Producer: Matthias Winter
Live Action Producer: Nikola Böhm
VFX-Supervisor: Sebastian Brandhuber

3D Artists: Sven Rabe, Sebastian Brandhuber, Thabo Mlangheni, Selina Sonnauer, Norbert Kiehne, Karim Eich, Nicolas Pellkofer
Matchmove: Christoph Gaudl
Compositing: Felix Laser, Tobias Bachleitner, Mortimer Warlimont
Art Department: Johannes Müller

Music: Antfood Amsterdam

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