EnbW Guter Stoff

Ever wondered why birds sit on power lines? Well, we can’t speak for all of them, but these three little birds truly don’t worry about a thing as they get high on the green electricity provided by german energy supplier EnBW.

Walking a fine line between lifelike physiology and characteristic acting, chief creative pothead (CCP) Hans-Christoph Schultheiss and crew, rolled up this original idea and created a film that approaches the subject of green energy with a good measure of easiness.

Guter Stoff | ɡuːtɐ ʃtɔf |
good stuff

“Cuz dem green power is some good stuff, man.”

74sec version

birds & cats

20sec tag-on

character sketches

production process


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Client: EnBW

Agency: Jung von Matt / Neckar
Creative Director / Copy: Tassilo Gutscher
Creative Director / Art: Peter Sigg
Copywriter: Dennis Cicioglu
Producer: Joshua Enzig
Account Director: Meike Hagner

Production: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Hans-Christoph Schultheiss
Executive Producer: Jan Tiller
Producer: Tanya Curnow
Design: Andre Ljosaj, Caroline Goehner, Axel Brötje,
3D Lead: Daniel Jahnel
3D: Thure Koch, Jannes Kreyenberg, Heinrich Loewe, Deniz Kreß, Timo von Wittken, Martin Chatterjee, Sebastian Welti, Max Zachner, Rafael Vicente, Mario Reitbauer, Francesco Di Luisi, Sofia Oliveira, Juan Brockhaus,
Animation Lead: Norbert Kiehne
Animation: Jakob Schulze-Rohr, Frank Spalteholz
Matte Painting: Steven Cormann, Julius Brockelmann
Compositing: Florian Zachau

Sound Design & Mix: Hastings
Voice Over Artists: Leonhard Malich, Tobias Meister, Dietmar Wunder, Charles Rettinghaus

Consulting: keller.io, Center of Natural History @University Hamburg, Tankred Lerch

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