Cosmote Everyday

Innovative clients demand out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Hence, for Cosmote, we created a spot that turned out to be simply spectacular and somewhat outrageous. The urban scenery shown in this clip is playfully interpreted in different ways in context to the protagonists portrayed. We wonder what the clip would look like if you were one of them.


Client: OTE

Agency: Bold Ogilvy

Production Company: Foss Productions
Director: Harry Patramanis 

Post-Production: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Producer: Felix Martens
Creative Director: Ole Peters
3D: Maurice Panisch, Heinrich Löwe
Compositing: Daniel Hummer, Florian Zachau, Moritz Gläsle, Klaus Wuchta, Daniel Schmidt, Lasse Clausen, Christian Heyde, Alexander Saum
2D: Tom Abel

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