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Clariant Discover Value

Change through discovery – that’s the value swiss chemical group Clariant holds up and communicates. Come with us and discover the value of change in this neatly illustrated chemical reaction of digital pen strokes and keyframes. And maybe find an answer to the ever present question: What is precious to you?

Together with fabulous design agency Mutabor our amazingly talented animation duo We Think Things created this wonderful explanatory film.


Client: Clariant
Mutabor Design GmbH
Creation: Vanessa Schrooten (freelance), Viktoria Hagelberg, Sven Ritterhoff, Patricia Kleeberg

Account Management: Stefanie Pricken

Production: Sehsucht GmbH

Director: WeThinkThings: Pascal Monaco, Felix Mexer
Producer: Jan Tiller, Gianna Johnke
Animation Director: Pascal Monaco, Felix Mexer
Animation: Pascal Monaco, Felix Mexer
Compositing: Pascal Monaco, Felix Mexer

Musik: Supreme Music

Sprecher: Marianne Graffam