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Caotina Surfin

We looove Caotina!

Surf the waves of sweet taste which burst into life in your mouth in a symphony of delicious flavour. We must admit, we were on a constant sugar rush but honestly wasted neither glasses nor spoons while simulating, calculating and eventually rendering myriads of taste particles to create this pure sensation of suisse chocolate. Mmmmmh … Lekkerrrr.


Client: Caotina, Genuport Trade AG

Agency: Startbahnwest, Zürich
Creative Direction: Eva Bajer
Strategy Planning: Hartmut Vetter

Production Company: Panimage, Zürich
Producer: Beat Lenherr

Animation Studio: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Producer: Jan Tiller
Animation Director: Christian Heyde
3D Artists: Hannes Geiger, Felix Geremus, Vitaly Grossmann, Matthias Thomann
Compositing: Christian Heyde, Chris Iskandar

Musik: Alex Kirschner

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