director's cut

brother business ink technology

Dark undefined space. This is where the thrilling journey begins. Following the camera through a rough technical environment in the beginning we finish into impactful beauty. Unpretentious everyday-products as the Brother business printer can be magical and stunning as a flying pig if you discover it from an exceptional point of view.

Our director Jean-Paul Frenay takes you deep inside the printing process and shows us the magic of printing in a microscopic dimension.




Client: Brother

Agency: Grey Düsseldorf
Creative Director: Marc Hendy, Neil Elliott
Creative Supervisor: Rainer Koenigs
Copywriter: Lutz Vogel
Art Director: Chiara Chessa, Chitrawan Srisanan
Producer: Claudia Jahn

Production Studio: Sehsucht
Director: Jean Paul Frenay 
Producers: Stephan Reinsch, Andreas Coutsoumbelis
Concept Art: Julius Brockelmann
Lead 3D: Timo von Wittken
3D Artists: Maurice Panisch, Felix Geremus, Vitaly Grossmann
Compositing: Yacoob Essack, Daniel Hummer
Storyboards Artist: Sarah Laban

Music & Sound Design: Echolab


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