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Bank Coop Underwater World

Big fish eat little fish? Fighting fish? No such thing below the horizon. Welcome to the rich underwater world of Bank Coop, your Fair Banking company from peaceful little Switzerland.

Though we didn't use explicit symbols like gold fish or silver swarms, we believe you get the idea ...

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Client: Bank Coop AG, Basel
Head of Competence Center Marketing: Mathias von Wartburg
Advertising Manager: Barbara Guertler

Agency: Ruf Lanz Werbeagentur, Zurich
Creative Direction: Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf
Art Direction: Florian Fleischmann, Mario Moosbrugger
Copy: Andreas Hornung
Consultants: Heike Rindfleisch, Sabrina Luck

Production Company: Markenfilm Schweiz, Zurich with Sehsucht, Hamburg
Producer: Uli Scheper, Andreas Coutsoumbelis, Julian Buechner, Jan Tiller
Directors: Ole Peters, Christian Heyde
Design: Christian Heyde, Julius Brockelmann
Storyboard: Malte Romainczyk
Editor: Christoph Senn
Animation: Marco Kowalik
3D Artists: Felix Geremus, Joern Engelke, Matthias Thomann, Daniel Jahnel, Timo von Wittken, Philipp von Preuschen
Compositing: Florian Zachau, Yacoob Essack, Bea Wellenbrock, Christian Heyde

Music: Alex Kirschner

Underwater World 2013

Bank Coop

Underwater World 2013


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