Audi The Comeback

Once the most feared predator on earth, T-Rex has been reduced to a laughing stock, plunging him into a crippling identity crisis. Until a chance encounter with Audi's piloted driving restores his mojo and puts an end to his misery.

Watch our heartbreakingly depressed T-Rex regain his former glory and learn that Audi Piloted Driving is the most masculine trend of the future.

production process


Client: Audi AG; Falco Münch

Agency: Razorfish

Production Company: Stink GmbH
Executive Producer: Martina Lülsdorf, Julian Holland
Producer: Isabel Kast
Director: Stephan Wever
DOP: Cezary Zacharewicz

VFX & Post Production: Sehsucht Hamburg
Producer: Jan Tiller, Stephan Reinsch, Felix Niehoff
Lead 3D: Daniel Jahnel
3D: Timo von Wittken, Ulf Gieseler, Jannes Kreyenberg, Martin Chatterjee, Jakob Schulze-Rohr, Thorsten Kesse, Max Zachner, Heinrich Löwe
Compositing: Florian Zachau, Jona Maluk

Colour Grading: Electric Theatre

Music Composer: Meik de Swaan
Sound FX & Mix: Hesse Studios Berlin
Mixing Engineer: Lukas Walter

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