Audi Mirrors

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Well, this time the answer is pretty easy – the 2013 Audi S-Line selection. The beauty in red is multiplied by countless mirrors, reflected, sliced to pieces that it got impossible to separate live action from cgi.

The task was complex, the time was tight. But most definitely a car has never before been seen from so many angles at once within 30 seconds. To the captivating vibe of a pulsing soundtrack director Ole Peters conducts a ballet of visual awesomeness capturing the fundamental idea of “Sporty in all facets”.

production process

Composting Breakdown


Client: AUDI AG

Agency: Thjnk Berlin GmbH
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte, Florian Weber
Creative Director: Matthias Walter, Siyamak Seyedasgari
Copy: Valerie von Meiss, Verena Kessler
Account Management: Nicole Bierwolf
Account Director: Hendrik Heine
Head of Producing: Thomas Nabbefeld

Production: Markenfilm in Co-Production with Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Ole Peters
DOP: Ekkehart Pollack
Producer: Nicolas Mirbach, Christiane Mülstegen, Jan Tiller
Design Lead: Dominik Wieschermann, Julius Brockelmann
Design: Anja von Harsdorf, Axel Brötje, Nils Wesch
Matte Painting: Julius Brockelmann
Art Department: Marco Bittner Rosser
Lead 3D and Set Supervision: Timo von Wittken
3D Artists: Tommy Andersson, Eva-Maria Kuehlmann, Heinrich Löwe, Vincent Thomas, Sebastian Welti, Fabian Schaper, Andres Eguiguren, Christoph Gaudel
Lead Compositing: Florian Zachau
Compositing: Yacoob Essack, Daniel Hummer
Edit: Artur Jagodda, Lenny Seeburg, Christoph Senn
Grading: Andreas Teichert

Music: Bluwi / Blunck, Will & Denker GbR
Composer: Sebastian Zenke



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