almarai obesity (sehsucht cinemascope)

almarai obesity

(Read in a Sir David Attenborough voice) “What we see here, is a modern dilemma. Though obesity might be considered as adequate preparation for a forthcoming Ice Age, it certainly carries disastrous implications for our monochrome friends in the here and now. The heavy Zebra is an obvious target. It is slower. For the lighter cheetah it’s easier to keep up a good pace. By misjudging the dangers of obesity the Zebra made a fatal mistake.”

Thanks, Dave. However, during this full CGI animation project, we observed that obesity is no threat if you’re a digital creature. Just saying …


Client: Almarai

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Production Unit, Lebanon: City Films, Beirut

Production Studio: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Juan Pablo Brockhaus
Executive Producer: Jan Tiller
Producer: Stephanie Hülsmann
Editor: Juan Pablo Brockhaus
Designers: Thure Koch, Caroline Göhner
3D Lead: Timo von Wittken
3D Artists: Sebastian Brandhuber, Jesus Parra Garcias, Daniel Jahnel, Thure Koch, Jakub Krompolc, Jannes Kreyenberg, Heinrich Löwe, Lucas Wendler, Fabian Heller
Lead Compositing: Florian Dehmel
Compositing: Florian Zachau, Alexander von der Lippe

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