about raphael

Raphael either spends 3 hours cooking or orders takeout. He also knowingly approaches film-making with this lazy but obsessive attitude. He is always working on a short film to develop and expand his skill-set.

To make his mother happy, Raphael obtained a Masters Degree in Digital Arts. His graduation film landed him a job at Buck NY. After working at Hornet NY and Glassworks London he became a freelance Director. Working at these top international studios, he was fortunate to develop a strong skill-set in different techniques. He is now a design-based film-maker with an arsenal of weapons to crack creatively challenging nuts.

As an experimenter, he is guided by a process but not married to a system. Fluent across a variety of mediums - Stop-Motion, 3D Animation, Live Action - often combining these to tell the story at hand. The process behind his work is to fully immerse himself into his projects. Concept to post production, Raphael takes a full hands on approach.

As an independent, multi-disciplinary designer specializing in reduced art directions, he explores the boundaries between the physical and the digital. If he had to put a label on his style it would probably be "Stop-Motion-Graphics" and/or "Graphic Design infused film-making".

analogue loaders

Kangaroos Can’t Jump Backwards

wiener zeitung wz

hertz 24/7

bathroom stories

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