about patrick

A specialist in combining storytelling with visual design, adept in creating both branding and entertainment content, and an expert in motion design, music visuals and information graphics, Patrick Clair brings a massive skillset to any group of filmmakers. As creative head of Antibody in Sydney, Clair has worked extensively across advertising, production, broadcast design and music television, producing work for MTV, NBC, ABC, TEDx and Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy series.

In 2011, Clair developed an impactful video infographic about Stuxnet, a powerful computer worm that threatened to take down entire governments. Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus breaks down the composition of the virus and explains its destructive capabilities. Ironically, the video itself became a viral sensation soon after going live.

Clair’s design work has been featured in places like IdN Magazine, Desktop, Inside Film Awards, Australian Creative, Juxtapoz, Stash Magazine, Infosthetics and the onedotzero Festival. Clair’s films have been screened at festivals worldwide and covered extensively in the design press. Many of his films focus on the relationship between technology, culture and ethics. He was a speaker at the Semi-Permanent Conference on the power of design to address social issues. Innovation and ethical responsibility are core themes in Patrick's work, reflected in his collaborations with unusual partners, including silicon-valley technology developers, Washington think tanks, and US government policy analysts.


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