Producing Films

On top of everything else, we´re a visually driven film production. Right from the start, we´ve been one of the first hybrid film production companies in Germany. We transform ideas and concepts into sensual reality, while focusing on unique results. This starts with the signature of the designer and requires a well-structured organization as well as trustworthiness in every regard. We believe in passion – to spark something special. Something you might only find after going the extra mile, even if the task seems simple.

Philips Hue "Lichtzauber" on set

"Entire production time: 3 weeks!"

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Nike "Genealogy of Free"

"A cutting-edge 3D online experience"

As a tribute to the Nike Free collection, the “Genealogy of Nike Free” zoetrope rotates seven shoes in interactive loops, creating a cutting-edge 3D online WebGL experience. Produced at Sehsucht Berlin, the Nike Free zoetrope also transforms to a sequencer and lets the user create new beats.

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Lamborghini "Aventador" Shooting

The Lamborghini Aventador tearing up the Californian desert is a sight to behold. We created a film that captures the intensity of this apocalyptic ride.

Jan Tiller

"New face of the brand"

the Rama Girl

Rama - Love in the fridge on set

Adelholzener Be Water

How perfectly sports matches water isn’t a secret, but now the powerful impact has been visualized in a stunning dimension. Within the new campaign by Adelholzener Alpenquellen the natural strength of water is embodied by testimonial Philipp Lahm while carving out his way to success and breaking trough all obstacles. Get ready for the modern interpretation of a well-known natural phenomenon: "Water is the driving force of all nature" Leonardo da Vinci.

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