We conceive ideas, dream up stories, imagine worlds, craft films. We don't follow. We create.

Seh|sucht [ˈze:zu:xt]



1. the state of being habitually occupied with visual aesthetics or beauty (or involved in creating such), as design or moving images, to an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma

2. the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent visual idea, image, desire, etc.

2000 Germany; compound word, literally: visual addiction


At Sehsucht we believe every idea that comes through our door, however large or small, has a story to tell. Therefore our team of passionate artists work hard to deliver only the best, without compromise on quality or creativity.

We are a hybrid production studio, merging the arts of filmmaking, animation and visual effects. Our hand-picked team of directors apply visual storytelling to create emotionally captivating pieces of art, with all projects supported by our experienced and specialized VFX, design and film production teams.

With three studios based in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, we provide both our talent and clients environments for creation, design, experimentation and technical excellence.

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Sehsucht was originally founded in 2000 by Martin Woelke in Hamburg, Germany. Ole Peters joined in three years later and the studio destined to leave its mark as a top-notch quality label in the field of animations and motion graphics.

Since this launch, we have successfully grown into an internationally acclaimed production studio positioned as an industry leader in Europe’s VFX, production and animation landscape.

In 2019 we have fused with the well-known VFX-Label Liga01 founded in Munich by Pablo Bach and joint forces. With the same untiring drive and excitement as back in the early days, we direct and produce cutting-edge visual content for our clients from the creative industries. We count more than 70 design-obsessed individuals that are united in their aspiration to further push the boundaries of storytelling by deploying narrative concepts that deliberately blend commerce with art.

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We merge art, innovation and expertise
to bring our stories to life.

sehsucht montage

behind the scenes

We are Continuously exploring new ways of translating ideas into visuals. Converting the creative paradigm into the best possible result – that is our goal.

character design

Characters are the core of animation. We work hard to breathe life and - literally - character into our creations.

demo or die: styleframes

Styleframes and Concept Art allow us to establish moods and visualise ideas long before we flesh out characters or work on details.

on set

The question is always the same: “Who shot that?” The answer is: “We did!”. Our team of passionate and experienced producers ensures that every project is executed to brief, without compromise on creativity or quality.

visual fx

Working hand-in-hand with directors and designers, our VFX artists bring wildly imaginative visions to life.

Sehsucht equals visual addiction.
That is what we create.


Among countless international high profile awards, we are proud of being awarded with Silver and Golden Cannes Lions. All of our productive offspring can be fully credited to the collaborative efforts of teams.

Cannes Lions, New York Festivals, Clio Awards, ADC, ADC Europe, ADC NY, Euro Effie Awards, Red Dot, One Show, Golden Awards Montreux, LIAA, Cresta, Andy Awards, Spotlight, Animated Com Awards, BDA, Epica, DWP, Die Klappe, Bass Awards, FWA

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We’re always delighted to see the diverse responses our work receives in the press, online communities and with all other kinds of audiences.

“All said, they did a bang-up job. That scene where he just lies across the pillow and closes his eyes…? Masterful. It hurt deep inside our most hidden soul parts.” (Adweek)

“This warm hug from Sehsucht for MTV truly is a moving piece of art. It proves that CGI can indeed generate emotion.” (Adformatie)

“These elements, fused with its high-contrast, hyper-realistic lighting, awesome camera work and perfectly-paced animation make this piece as intriguing and solid as any of Sehsucht’s work.” (Motionographer) 

“Is this the weirdest car advert of all time?” (The Mirror)

“Wow! Great Work! Check out my work, please.” (interesting comment on Behance)

we're flattered

Martin Woelke
Pablo Bach
Ole Peters

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